Cult street artist Shepard Fairey presents first UAE show

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Cult street artist Shepard Fairey presents first UAE show

American street artist Shepard Fairey is presenting his 'Future Mosaic' show in Dubai, which will feature new works on metal, wood, paper and canvas, as well as featuring other of his iconic work.

The show will be taking place at DIFC's Opera Gallery this month (March) and as part of his Dubai tour the artist will be creating an exclusive mural in the city that is set to form one of the many landmarks that dot one of the world’s most visited destinations.

He said:"“I’m very excited to show in Dubai. I’m a big fan of the Middle East and its rich culture. The work I’ll be including for this exhibition is cross-cultural and breaks all superficial barriers and stands for the same values as Dubai: justice, peace and human rights."

‘Future Mosaic’ is a reflection of Fairey’s multi-medium art practice that is more than just a collection of individual images, but an intentional, cumulative mosaic of unique but aesthetically and conceptually related pieces that go beyond mediums and contexts.

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