Alaa Wardi's latest is an Eminem mashup

The latest from Saudi musician Alaa Wardi doesn't stray far from his typical style -- blending Western and Arabic music to create unforgettable coolness.
Alaa Wardi's latest is an Eminem mashup

Saudi-born YouTube sensation Alaa Wardi has been on our collective radar since his 2013 a Capella collaboration with performer Hisham Fageeh. No Woman, No Drive, which blended Bob Marley's iconic Reggae sounds with lyrics taking a stab at the then Saudi law banning women from driving, is the perfect example of art creating a momentous social change. In 2018 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia repealed a decade-long law and allowed women behind the wheel once again.

Wardi's latest just debuted on IG and is now available on his YouTube channel as well. It's a mashup of Eminem's Lose Yourself which now blends into Duman - Her Şeyi Yak and features popular Turkish TV actor Emre Karayel, all backed by Pandami Music.

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