Azza Fahmy collaborates with luxury fashion house Balmain

Iconic Egyptian jewelry brand Azza Fahmy collaborates with Balmain's Creative Director Olivier Rousteing on a one-of-a-kind bustier inspired by Egyptian symbolism.
Azza Fahmy collaborates with luxury fashion house Balmain

Jewelry designer Azza Fahmy is used to making history, as she was the first woman to train in Egypt’s jewelry quarter, Khan El Khalili. Her namesake brand has been coveted by women the world over since 1969 and at this year's Red Sea International Film Festival celebrities from Amir El Masri to Shereen Reda to Saba Mubarak wore Azza Fahmy designs on the red carpet, or to coveted parties.

Amina Ghali with Olivier Rousteing and model

Now a new collaboration with Balmain promises to make a gilded bustier, inspired by Egyptian symbolism, the coveted must-have piece of the season.For Balmain, this marks a return to Egypt allowing the Paris-based fashion brand's Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, to take his customers on a poetic, out of time, cruise on the Nile. Rousteing found inspiration in the maximalism and minimalism of the pharaonic age, complemented by intense blue scarab-like armor, reptilian details, and majestic plumage.

Azza Fahmy received inspiration in the form of ancient Egypt and, through channeling new realms of creativity, created a masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of design. Fashioning a cultural yet contemporary bustier that reflects the heritage of our predecessors, Azza Fahmy is thrilled to be working with the international luxury fashion house Balmain and is eager to continue showcasing the ingenuity of Egyptian designers to the world.

In a form reminiscent of a golden Ptolemaic plaque and those found among the treasures of Tutankhamun, Azza Fahmy fashioned a gold-plated bustier sculpted in the shape of the Eye of Horus. The lotus element represents the sun, rebirth, and creation. Complementing the back of the bustier are the hand-pierced wings outstretched across both sides, evoking the protective wings of the goddess Nekhbet. Six Shen rings complete the back of the bustier, each a symbol of eternity and protection. For the finishing touch, a chain with a scarab adorns the back of the piece, representing creation, renewal, and rebirth.

Photo by Louie Banks, model Aida Blue

Amina Ghali, Head of Design, expressed that "seeing the final piece gave us a sense of pride; it truly is a wonderful tribute to our ancestors." This partnership celebrates Azza Fahmy's contributions to reviving and restoring the legacy of ancient Egypt, echoing the brand's primary aim of reimagining history and traditions into wearable art.

This marks the second time Rousteing has turned to the land of Pharaohs. Previously, a collaboration between Balmain and Cairo-based handbag brand Okhtein was unveiled on the SS23 runway, back in September of this year.

All photos courtesy of Azza Fahmy, used with permission.

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