Beauty, chocolate and fashion: highlights from the DPA Cannes gift suite

With three whole suites inside the prestigious JW Marriott on the Croisette, DPA, Nathalie Dubois and KICC provided a luxurious respite for VIPs at this year's festival.
Beauty, chocolate and fashion: highlights from the DPA Cannes gift suite

Held inside the luxurious JW Marriott for the first time, after years at the Carlton, the DPA Cannes gift lounge had something from everyone this time around.

Divided into three suites, an “African lounge” in cooperation with KICC (Kenyatta International Convention Center), plus a Japanese suite in collaboration with DPA Japan, the Japanese office of the DPA group and a third room, dedicated to French and Swiss brands, celebrities could dress, get a facial, drink something to feel refreshed and then receive some pretty wonderful goodies on the way out.

In the African lounge the brands included Ushanga, Sarova Hotels (selected guests were gifted complimentary 5 day beach or safari holidays all starting in Kenya's capital city Nairobi), The Label Saba, Azana Collective, Billionaire Resort And Retreat (with selected guests gifted 5 day beach holidays ), Out OF Africa Kenya, Ubuntu Life, The Hills Collection ,The Kikoy co, Qweh Wellness Salon, Belle n Beau Childrens, Joo and Co, which gifted lucky select guest their Tsavorite Gem stones. Tsavorite is roughly 200 times rarer than an emerald and can only be found in Tsavo, Kenya making it a very sought-after piece. Also present were the Kenya Tourist Board, Kenya Film Commission and Africa’s first technology city, Konza.

Within the Japanese area, Saori Yoshimura, the owner of beauty salon” Kogao Magician”, offered the best facial massage in Japan, but for a few days available on the Croisette. Her technique, for which she is now applying for a patent, can re sculpt and condition the face. Takanome, a sake company, was born with the belief of pursuing only "deliciousness” and has brought various innovations to the sake industry. For their sake brewery, deliciousness means a taste that can be experienced with all five senses. Not only is the taste thoroughly meticulous, but the space, the pairing with the food, the connection with the people, and even the moment of bringing the food to your mouth are all part of the experience for Takanome. The consistency and thoroughness of everything is what makes for a memorable "deliciousness" experience, that the DPA guest will experience, pairing that Sake with different foods. We have to say the sample we received went down smoothly.

There were also free trips to Bora Bora for the VIPs and much much more. But it would take a book to list them all, so we focused on our highlights.

In the final, French and Swiss lounge, we met up with the owner of Petrusse. With three boutiques in Bordeaux and Paris, creative workshops at Château Mauriac, and more than 300 points of sale around the world, Petrusse is now a reference brand in the creation of scarves, scarves, silk squares, stoles.

Biosalines, located on the famous French island Ile de Ré, created for the festival’s guests an immediate healthy glow effect booster program for the face and for the body another program. Last but not least, DeMarquet presented a selection of its “night and day” bags which were gifted to selected guests. The iconic Night&Day is a bag with interchangeable covers, appreciated by women who travel often for its practicality but also because it reflects a new and sustainable way of consuming less, but consuming better.

Also featured were Naked Sundays (with its famous SPF serum), Lothantique, Willy Thomas Paris, Smart Good Things, Champagne Domaine de Nuisement, Åre Water, Leamo, Fazup, Helen Ficarola, Maison Manival, Hearthstone, and Krama Heritage. 

Among our favourites were the Sweet Art chocolates, the Biosalines products which were generously gifted to us, the Takanome saki, the delicious Lothantique candle we walked away with and the Smart Good Things powdered beverages, which dissolve in water and can give a pick me up or bring a quiet turn to the day.

Once again, the DPA Cannes gift lounge turned out to be the best place on the Croisette.

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