Bushra releases anthem 'Haga Wahda' to combat women being objectified

Calling out the opposite sex with lyrics like "there are men among you, and their work is rare" the Egyptian superstar puts her singing to great use in a stunning, just-released video on YouTube.
Bushra releases anthem 'Haga Wahda' to combat women being objectified

We at MIME are huge fans of Egyptian actress, singer and producer Bushra. She's a megastar with a heart of gold and when she's not in front of the camera, she's a business entrepreneur with great courage and vision. Among the fruit of her creative process is El Gouna Film Festival, an event which, once attended, becomes a habit. At the past edition of this year's fest, the star was involved in a scary Tuk Tuk accident and kept going, attending red carpets and events with a smile -- even though her arm was in a cast and she was clearly battered and shaken by the incident.

But her wonder doesn't seem to stop at great performances like her iconic turn in Mohamed Diab's film 678, Cairo and co-founding great events. She's a singer, which personally I didn't know until, well, NOW! And what a cool singer she is.

Bushra herself defined the song, titled Haga Wahda (which basically translates as "one need") a "scream against sexism" for MIME. "It says that all men want from a girl is just [one thing] and yes, there are some gentlemen out there but the majority think negatively about females," she explained further. In fact, surprisingly, a lot of the comments on YouTube are from anonymous male avatars who criticise the star for her outfits being too risqué.

Those comments of course all prove Bushra's point completely.

Bushra has a large, supportive social media following on Instagram and Facebook, so a couple of hours after being posted on YouTube, the song had already received nearly 18K views.

The song is written and composed by Ahmed Al Brazilian, arranged by Elhamy Dehima and the video is directed by Mahmoud Rashad.

May this turn out to be the anthem of 2022 -- more power to the women!

Images are screenshots from the video on YouTube, used with permission.

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