Cairo Fest announces international and world premieres for 43rd edition

Ahead of their 7 November scheduled press conference, the festival announced 9 world premieres and 2 international premieres feature films as well as the world premiere of 5 short films from Saudi women filmmakers, which will open the festival.
Cairo Fest announces international and world premieres for 43rd edition

Just five days before their press conference will be held in the city, the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) announced a slate of world premieres and some international premieres. They include the opening film of the Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition, the world premiere of omnibus Becoming, directed by five Saudi women filmmakers -- Sara Mesfer, Fatima Al Banawi, Jawaher Alamri, Hind Al Fahhad and Noor Alameer.

From Argentina, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and Morocco, filmmakers will come together in Cairo to present their groundbreaking work.

The titles just announced include the following narrative and feature films:

Seven Dogs (Siete Perros) by Rodrigo Guerrero (Argentina | Fiction | World Premiere | 2021) International Competition

Ernesto lives with his seven dogs in his small apartment, and tries to overcome his life's difficulties and health problems, while neighbors try to get him to get rid of his dogs because of the inconvenience they cause.

Daughters Of Abdul-Rahman by Zaid Abu Hamdan (Jordan | Fiction | World Premiere | 2021) International Competition

Years after escaping a dictated life, four estranged and offbeat sisters are forced to come together to find their suddenly-missing father. In their secret searching journey, secrets are revealed and more question marks are raised.

Diary of Gabrielle Street by Rashid Masharawi (Palestine | Documentary | World Premiere | 2021) Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition

When the French authorities closed their borders, landed their planes, confined their citizens to their homes, spreading the police on the streets. I was in Paris. Without any planning, the memory coming from Palestine began to flow and merge with the diaries I live here, and the virus began to awaken other viruses, which made me spontaneously, as a Palestinian citizen, besieged in the most beautiful Parisian neighbourhood (Montmartre), busy documenting aspects of diaries and memories in a period of time that changed the face of the scientist.

A Second Life by Aniss Lassoued (Tunisia | Fiction | World Premiere | 2021) Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition

Gadeha (12) happens one day to be the victim of a car accident. He undergoes surgery. Penniless, his mother, Borkana, is helped by Malika and Moez, a benevolent couple that offers to pay for the hospital fees and provides the destitute family with a roof. Gadeha meets Oussama, Malika and Moez’s child (11) who is recovering from a kidney transplant. A strong friendship is made between the two boys. But Gadeha finds out haphazardly the secret of his family's new standard of living. He is devastated.

From Cairo by Hala Gala (Egypt | Documentary | World Premiere | 2021) Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition

Heba and Aya are two young women who are leading a single life in Cairo. We follow these two women as they make difficult choices and face their fears in the tough city of Cairo.

Collapsed Walls by Hakim Bilabbas (Morocco | Fiction | World Premiere | 2021) Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition

An old woman sits in the middle of an almost destroyed movie theatre, as a lone spectator, she is absorbed in dozens of thoughts, feelings, and moving images on the memory screen.

Nile Crocodile by Nabil Shazli (Egypt | Documentary | World Premiere | 2021) Special Screening

The film follows several stages in the life of the world-class Egyptian swimmer, Abdel Latif Abu Heif, on both athletic and humanitarian levels.

Daughters (TÖCHTER) by Nana Neul (Germany, Italy, Greece | Fiction | International Premiere | 2021) International Competition

Martha and Betty have known each other for twenty years and they have decided to breakthrough. But while Martha realizes that her father has only faked his death wish in order to see the great love of his life again on Lake Maggiore, Betty mourns her stepfather Ernesto, who supposedly died years ago. What began as a day trip to Switzerland turns this way into a road trip through half of Europe.

Pack of Sheep (Ageli Provaton) by Dimitris Kanellopoulos (Greece, Albania, Serbia | Fiction | International Premiere | 2021) International Panorama

Thanasis can’t pay off his debt to Stelios. When he finds out that Apostolis is in the same position, he asks him to join him to make a better deal with Stelios. While Thanasis tries to put more players in the game, two young gangsters arrive in town to push over the debtors.

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