Cheb Khaled x DJ Snake remix of 'Trigue Lycee' released

The song was the Algerian Raï artist's first release, back when he was just a teenager and has been remixed by DJ Snake, the French Algerian record producer.
Cheb Khaled x DJ Snake remix of 'Trigue Lycee' released

"An orange sun at the end of theAlgerian day, the scent of the waves and a taste of freedom, this is what emerges from the new single from Khaled." Thus reads the tagline for the new release, a smooth remix of 'Trigue Lycee', the first song ever released by the Algerian superstar.

The young music lover from Oran was only sixteen when he released his first title in 1976, 'Trigue Lycee' one of the many highlights in the singer's legendary 46-year career. Born from the harmony between a lively tune and the hoarse and melodious voice of the living legend, this song took shape in a modest studio. People’s hearts were then opened to the musicality of a humble but sensational artist. 'Trigue Lycee' or "the path to high school" stretched to a highway leading to the ends of the earth.

This timeless chorus has been sumptuously revisited by the famous French DJ, a man who can boast more than a billion streams. After his world hits 'Loco Contig' and recently 'Disco Maghreb' featuring Khaled, DJ Snake returns with the remix of 'Trigue Lycee'. A true ode to Algerian culture and music, this single also announces the King of Raï’s new eponymous album 'CHEB KHALED', scheduled for release on August 19, 2022.

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