'Costa Brava, Lebanon' soon to be released in the US

Kino Lorber picked up North American distribution rights for Mounia Akl's stunning feature debut.
'Costa Brava, Lebanon' soon to be released in the US

The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Mounia Akl's Costa Brava, Lebanon, starring Nadine Labaki and Saleh Bakri will open in select US cities on July 15th. The rights to the film, which premiered in September of 2021 at the Venice International Film Festival, were picked up by Kino Lorber for a theatrical distribution in North America.

The haunting story, which Akl admits started as a script set in a dystopian future where Lebanon finds itself overrun by garbage but later turned into a prophetic omen of the present in her native country, features a family that has decided to live off the grid. Only to find themselves living next to a landfill, created by a mix of their country's corruption and overzealous politicians.

Akl's previous work, the award-winning short Submarine, also dealt with the issue of garbage and was a favourite within the festival circuit.

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