'Daughters of Abdul-Rahman' nabs Audience Award, Afef Ben Mahmoud and Mohamed Mamdouh win top acting prizes in Cairo

Mexican, South Korean and Spanish films also won big in the International Competition, while Tunisia walked away with Best Short Film and the top prize in the Horizons of Arab Cinema went to Lebanon's 'Memory Box' at this year's CIFF.
'Daughters of Abdul-Rahman' nabs Audience Award, Afef Ben Mahmoud and Mohamed Mamdouh win top acting prizes in Cairo

During an emotional ceremony on Sunday evening, the top prizes were handed out to films from all over the world, with Arab cinema in the spotlight.

Among the films that competed at this year's Cairo Film Festival, there were a few MIME favourites that will be featured in the coming days. As an aside, we always notice a disconnect between what movie-goers love to watch, reflected in the Audience Choice Award, and what critics and industry insiders enjoy... But as far as the acting prizes, as well as the Arab cinema choices, all the best men and women won!

Following is a list of complete awards.

The International Competition Awards

The Henry Barakat Award For Best Artistic Contribution went to:

José Ángel Alayón -- for the cinematography of They Carry Death, dir: Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado (Spain - Colombia)

The Best Actress Award went to:

Swamy Rotolo -- for her performance in A Chiara, dir: Jonas Carpignano (Italy - France)

The Best Actor Award went to:

Mohamed Mamdouh, for his performance in Abu Saddam, dir: Nadine Khan (Egypt)

The Naguib Mahfouz Award for Best Screenplay went to:

Péter Kerekes and Ivan Ostrochovský, for 107 Mothers, dir: Péter Kerekes (Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Ukraine)

The Bronze Pyramid Award for Best First or Second Feature by a Director went to:

Aloners, dir: Hong Seong-eun (South Korea)

The Silver Pyramid Special Jury Award For Best Director went to:

Laura Samani for Small Body (Italy, France, Slovenia)

The Golden Pyramid Award for Best Film went to:

The Hole in the Fence, dir: Joaquin del Paso (Mexico, Poland); prod: Fernanda de la Peza, Joaquin del Paso

The International Short Film Competition Awards

The Youssef Chahine Award for Best Short Film went to:

Blind Spot, dir: Lotfi Achour (Tunisia, France)

The Special Jury Award went to:

Then Came Dark, dir: Marie-Rose Osta (Lebanon)

And another Special Jury Award went to:

It's Nothing Nagy, Just Hang Up! dir: Youhanna Nagy (Egypt)

Afef Ben Mahmoud in 'Streams'

The Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition Awards

The Saad Eldin Wahba Award for Best Film was awarded to:

Directors Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige for their film Memory Box (Lebanon, France)

The Salah Abu Seif Special Jury Award went to:

Fiasco, dir: Nicolas Khoury (Lebanon, Netherlands)

The Best Non-Fiction Film Award went to:

From Cairo, dir: Hala Galal (Egypt)

With a Special Mention going to:

A Second Life, dir: Anis Lassoued (Tunisia)

The Best Acting Performance Award went to:

Afef  Ben Mahmoud for her performance in Streams, dir: Mehdi Hmili (Tunisia, Luxembourg, France)

'Daughters Of Abdel Rahman' by Zaid Abu Hamdan

The International Critics’ Week Competition Awards

The Shadi Abdel Salam Award for Best Film went to:

The Stranger, dir: Ameer Fakher Eldin (Syria, Palestine, Germany)

The Special Jury Fathy Farag Award went to:

Wild Roots, dir: Hajni Kis (Hungary, Slovakia)

A Special Mention went to:

Actress Arcelia Ramírez for her performance in La Civil, dir: Teodora Ana Mihai (Belgium, Romania, Mexico)

The Best Arab Film Award, with a US$ 10,000 presented to the producers went to:

The Stranger, dir: Ameer Fakher Eldin, prod: Tony Copti, Jiries Copti, Dorothe Beinemeier (Syria, Palestine, Germany)

A Special Mention went to:

Fiasco, dir:Nicolas Khoury (Lebanon, Netherlands)


Went to: Tomorrow, dir: Dhafer L'Abidine (Tunisia)

The Audience Award

Went to: Daughters Of Abdel Rahman, dir: Zaid Abu Hamdan (Jordan)

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