Egypt, Syria, Palestine and this year's Tunisian Oscar-nominee feature in Venice sidebar lineup

The first feature of Ukrainian born Syrian filmmaker Ameer Fakher Eldin, starring Palestinian legend Mohammad Bakri, as well as from Egypt's Dina Amer are in Competition at Giornate degli Autori, plus Oscar-nominated Kaouther Ben Hania contributes to the iconic series "Miu Miu Women's Tales".
Egypt, Syria, Palestine and this year's Tunisian Oscar-nominee feature in Venice sidebar lineup

The line-up for the sidebar section Giornate degli Autori in Venice was announced this Wednesday. With a few gems from the MENA region, which include Al Garib ("The Stranger") a film starring two superstars from Palestine Mohammad Bakri and Ashraf Barhoum, and Dina Amer's 'Tu me ressembles ("You Resemble Me") also starring the filmmaker -- both in Competition. Plus, a short film by Tunisian history making Oscar-nominee Kaouther Ben Hania titled I and the Stupid Boy, which is #22 in the "Miu Miu Women's Tales" series. Past filmmakers who contributed to the ongoing series have included Ava DuVernay, Hiam Abbass and Haifaa Al-Mansour.

French-Israeli filmmaker Michale Boganim also has a film in the line-up titled Mizrahim, Les oubliés de la terre promise ("The Forgotten Ones"). And filmmaker Nadav Lapid has a part in the French-Belgian co-production Madeleine Collins by Antoine Barraud.

This independent sidebar created by the Italian filmmakers’ associations (ANAC and 100autori), under Giornate president Andrea Purgatori, will feature a competition lineup of 10 feature films and 6 special events selected by Artistic Director Gaia Furrer and screened in the Sala Perla at the Casinò of Venice, in an accord with the Venice Film Festival.

“Giornate degli Autori is back this year,” says Andrea Purgatori, “with the curiosity and the passion that has distinguished us from the start. With a lineup put together by Gaia Furrer with her usual flair, as she surveys the new forms of film coming out of over three continents. With films and documentaries that will get talked about, heatedly, at times; a jury headed by two female film personalities, for the first time, and acting as one; and lastly, a space all of our own, an investment in our future by Giornate and General Delegate Giorgio Gosetti, accompanied by Isola Edipo: the Sala Laguna. It certainly wasn’t easy to make all this come together, but it never has been, ever since the start of this adventure 18 years ago.  I am confident that it’s a challenge that Giornate, together with ANAC and 100autori, the backbone of our event, will tackle with an eye to our audiences, first and foremost.”

Giornate turns 18, and came with novelties in terms of jury. For the first time in its history, the 10 films in the running for the sidebar’s only official prize – the GdA Director’s Award – will be weighed and the winner selected by 27 young cinephiles coming from all 27 countries of the EU to take part in the 27 Times Cinema program. The jury is headed (and this is an absolute first) by two Bulgarian women directors and producers: Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova, lauded just days ago at Cannes for their most recent film screened in Un Certain Regard. For 11 days, the dynamic duo will work with the young jurors, dialogue on film and copyright, and take part in the final deliberations (livestreamed on the morning of September 10th), coordinated by Karel Och, director of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.


SHEN KONG by Chen Guan – First feature –Opening film

Macao, 2021, 101’, World Premiere

with: Wei Ruguang, Deng Keyu

Production: Blue-sea HR&CS, Macau

Executive producer : Cheng Qingsong

AL GARIB (THE STRANGER) by Ameer Fakher Eldin – First Feature

Syria, Germany, Palestine, 2021, 112’,World Premiere

with: Ashraf Barhoum, Amal Kais, Mohammad Bakri, Amer Hlehel, Hitham Omari

Production: Fresco Films, Red Balloon Film GmbH

Co-production: Metafora Production

In association with: Apricot Films

ANATOMIA (ANATOMY) by Ola Jankowska – First Feature

Poland, France, 2021, 108’, World Premiere

with Karolina Kominek, Andrzej Poniedzielski, Anna Krotoska, Krzysztof Zarzecki

Production: Opus Film

Co-production: Kometa Films, EC1 Lodz MiastoCultury, CANAL+ Polska S.A., Opus TV, Coloroffon

With support of: Polish Film Institute

CALIFORNIE by Alessandro Cassigoli, Casey Kauffman – First Feature

Italy, 2021, 78’, World Premiere

Con: Khadija Jaafari, Ikram Jaafari, Maria Amato

Production:  Ang Film con Rai Cinema

Co-production : La Mansarde Cinema

International Sales : Fandango


Brasil, Portugal, 2021, 120’, World Premiere

with: Antonio Saboia, Pedro Fasanaro

Production : Grafo Audiovisual

Co-production: Fado Filmes

International Sales : Intramovies

IMACULAT (IMMACULATE) by Monica Stan and George Chiper–Lillemark – First Feature

Romania, 2021, 114’, World Premiere

with: Ana Dumitraşcu, Vasile Pavel, Cesar Grumăzescu

Production: Axel Film

with support of : Romanian Film Center

MADELEINE COLLINS by Antoine Barraud

France, Belgium, Switzerland, 2021, 105’, World Premiere

with: Virginie Efira, Quim Gutiérrez, Bruno Salomone, Jacqueline Bisset, Nadav Lapid

Production: Les Films du Bélier

Co-production: Frakas Production, Close Up Films, VOO & Be tv, RTBF (Belgian TV)

With the support of : Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse - SRG SSR

International Sales: Charades


Argentina, Chile, Spain, 2021, 87’, World Premiere

With: Maricel Álvarez, Mara Bestelli, Alfredo Castro, Marcelo Subiotto

Production: Rita Cine, Insomnia Films

Co-production Globo Rojo Films, Nephilim Producciones

With the support of : San Sebastian WIP Award, INCAA, Ibermedia, Mecenazgo Fund

International Sales: Elle Driver

TRES (OUT OF SYNC) by Juanjo Giménez

Spain, Latvia, 2021, 104’, prima mondiale

with: Marta Nieto, Miki Esparbé, Fran Lareu, Luisa Merelas, Cris Iglesias, Julius Cotter, Iria Parada

Production: Frida Films

Co-production: M-Films

International Sales: Le Pacte

Dina Amer's Tu Me Ressembles

TU ME RESSEMBLES (YOU RESEMBLE ME) di Dina Amer – First Feature

Egypt, France, US, 2021, 94’, World Premiere

with: Lorenza Grimaudo, Illona Grimaudo, Mouna Soualem, Sabrina Ouazani, Dina Amer, Alexandre Gonin

Production: The Othrs, VICE/ RYOT

Co-productioni: Dartagnan, Hameda’s Stories

International Sales : The Match Factory/ CAA


LOVELY BOY di Francesco Lettieri – Closing film, eligible for “Premio del Pubblico BNL”

Italy, 2021, 105’, World Premiere

with : Andrea Carpenzano, Daniele Del Plavignano, Ludovica Martino, Enrico Borello, Riccardo De Filippis, Pierluigi Pasino, Martino Perdisa, Federica Rosellini

Un film Sky Original

Production: Indigo Film

Co-production  Vision Distribution

With the support of  IDM and  della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano

International Sales : True Colours


IL PALAZZO (THE PALACE) by Federica Di Giacomo

Italy, Czech Republic 2021, 100’, World Premiere

with: Mauro Fagioli, Corrado Puccetti, Andrea Sanguigni, Alessandra Tosetto, Tiziana Della Rocca, Francesca Duscià, Simone Vricella, Virginia Zulli

Production: Dugong Films con Rai Cinema

Co-production: Mimesis Film

With the support of: Regione Lazio, Lazio Cinema International

IL SILENZIO GRANDE by Alessandro Gassmann

Italy, Poland, 2021, 106’, World Premiere

with: Massimiliano Gallo, Margherita Buy, Marina Confalone, Antonia Fotaras, Emanuele Linfatti, Roberto De Francesco

Production : Paco Cinematografica

Co-production: Agresywna Banda

In collaboration with: Vision Distribution, Amazon Prime Video, Sky e Rai Cinema

With the support of : MIC, Regione Campania, Campania Film Commission, Regione Lazio

International Sales: Vision Distribution

SENZA FINE by Elisa Fuksas

Italy, 2021, 80’, World Premiere

with: Ornella Vanoni, Paolo Fresu, Vinicio Capossela, Samuele Bersani

production Tenderstories, Wildside, società del gruppo Fremantle and Indiana Production


France, 2021, 93’, World Premiere

With: Maayane Elfassy Boganim, Reuben Abergel, Erez Biton, Michael Biton, Amit Chai Cohen, Neta Elkayam, Carmen Elmakies, Koby Efrach

Production Ex Nihilo

Co-production: Lama Films, Bonne Nouvelle, Studio Orlando

With the support of: CNC - Aide aux Cinémas du Monde, Institut Français, La Région Ile-de-France

International Sales: Reservoir Docs


The Netherlands, 2021, 69’, World Premiere

with: Helena Bonham Carter [voice over]

Production: Family Affair Films

Co-production: Lammas Park

With the support of : Netherlands Film Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, VPRO

International Sales  Autlook Filmsales


#21 SHANGRI-LA di Isabel Sandoval

Italy, USA, 2021, 11’

with: Isabel Sandoval, Matthew Fifer

Production: Hi Production, Team 713 Entertainment

#22 I AND THE STUPID BOY di Kaouther Ben Hania

Italy, France, 2021, 14’

with: Oulaya Amamra, Sandor Funtek

Production: Hi Production, Tanit Films


WELCOME VENICE by Andrea Segre – Opening Film

Italy, 2021, 100’, World Premiere

with: Paolo Pierobon, Andrea Pennacchi, Roberto Citran, Ottavia Piccolo, Giuliana Musso, Sandra Toffolatti, Sara Lazzaro, Anna Bellato

Production: Jolefilm con Rai Cinema

International Sales: True Colours


Italy, Switzerland, 2021, 91’, World Premiere

with: Filippo Dobrilla

Production: DocLab

Co-production: Contrast Film Zurich

International Sales: Deckert Distribution

CORIANDOLI by Maddalena Stornaiuolo

Italy, 2021, 9’, World Premiere

Production La Scugnizzeria Film

International Sales : Pablo

CÙNTAMI by Giovanna Taviani

Italy, 2021, 70’,World Premiere

with: Mimmo Cuticchio, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Gaspare Balsamo, Mario Incudine, Giovanni Calcagno, Yousif Latif Jaralla

Production: Cloud9 Film

In collaboration with: Rai Cinema

With the support of : Regione Sicilia e Sicilia Film Commission nell’ambito del Programma Sensi Contemporanei Cinema


Italy – 2021 – 17’ World Premiere

with : Silvia Costa, Compagnia Marionettistica

Production: Slingshot Films

In association with: Lo schermo dell’arte

International Sales: Slingshot Films

FELLINI E L’OMBRA by Catherine McGilvray

Italy, Switzerland, 2021, 64’, World Premiere

with: Claudia de Oliveira Teixeira, Diletta Marcella Laezza, Claudia Sorrentino, Rosanna Sferrazza, Gianfranco Angelucci

Production: Veriana SRL

Co-production: Célestes Images

In association with: Istituto Luce - Cinecittà / RSI Radio televisione svizzera

GiULiA by Ciro De Caro

Italy – 2021 – 109’ World Premiere

with: Rosa Palasciano, Valerio Di Benedetto, Fabrizio Ciavoni, Cristian Di Sante

Production: Fare Cinema

HUGO IN ARGENTINA by Stefano Knuchel

Switzerland, 2021, 97’, World Premiere

with: Giancarlo Giannini

Production: Fiumi Film

Co-production: Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana

In collaboration with: CONG, Venus&Beyond

I NOSTRI FANTASMI by Alessandro Capitani

Italiy, 2021, 105’, World Premiere

with: Michele Riondino, Hadas Yaron, Paolo Pierobon, Alessandro Haber, Orlando Forte

Production: Fenix Entertainment con Rai Cinema

In association with : Sem srl.

IL MONDO A SCATTI (THE WORLD IN SHOTS) by Cecilia Mangini e Paolo Pisanelli – event of pre-opening in collaboration with Bookciak, Azione!

Italy, 2021, 89’, World Premiere

with: Cecilia Mangini, Stéphane Batut, Agnès Varda, Roberto Perpignani, Babak Karimi

Production: OfficinaVisioni

Co-Production: Istituto Luce Cinecittà

In collaboration with: Rai Cinema

ISOLATION – Special Event- giornata dell'inclusione 2021

by Michele Placido, Julia von Heinz, Olivier Guerpillon, Jaco van Dormael, Michael Winterbottom

Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, 2021, 88’, World Premiere

with : Roberto Bolle, Andrea Bocelli, Rosa von Prunheim

Production: Maze Pict., Notorious, Tarantula, Fox in the Snow


France, Albania, Italiy – 2021 – 68’ World Premiere

Production: Margo Cinema

Co-production: Anima Pictures, Young Films

In collaboration with: Rai Cinema

with the support of : QKK Centro Nazionale Albanese della Cinematografia, MIC Ministero della Cultura

Il film è patrocinato da Amnesty International Italia

PAROLE by Umberto Contarello

Italy, 2021, 85’, World Premiere

with: Umberto Contarello, Corrado Sassi

Production: Vivo Film

Co-production: EDI – Effetti Digitali Italiani

PRINCESA by Stefania Muresu

Italy, 2021, 49’, World Premiere

with : Favour Osazuwa, Julieth Edward, Sister Regina Sanna

Production: Caucaso

In collaboration : Roda Film


Italy, 2021, 91’, World Premiere

Production: Secol Superbo e Sciocco in associazione with FBF


Italy, 2021, 52’, World Premiere

with : Tonino De Bernardi, Daniele Segre, Alessio Nicastro, Domenico De Fazio

Production : I Cammelli S.a.s.

With the support of : Film Commission Torino Piemonte

TRASTWEST by Ivano De Matteo

Italy, 2021, 18’, World Premiere

with: Massimo, Roberto, Maurizio, Lynda, Stefano, Sara

Production: Utopia Film


Italy, France, 2021, 110’, World Premiere

with : Guido Caprino, Elena Radonicich, Federica Victoria Caiozzo aka Thony, Libero De Rienzo, Alessandro Giallocosta, Isabella Aldovini, Francesca Chillemi, Tommaso Ragno, Enrica Bonaccorti, Jalil Lespert

Production: Ascent Film, Nightswim

Co-production: La Onda

In collaboration with : Amazon Exclusive e Rai Cinema

International Sales: True Colours

The 18th edition runs September 1-11 on the Lido; for more info check out the Giornate degli Autori website.

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