Egyptian modest brand Sara Elemary's 'A Ride To Individuality' FW22 campaign is on fire

The brand pushes boundaries with its latest collection and mixes great textures with jewel tones to create crave-worthy pieces that belong in every woman's wardrobe.
Egyptian modest brand Sara Elemary's 'A Ride To Individuality' FW22 campaign is on fire

It is a misconception that modest fashion must be drab and unappealing. In fact, hiding our assets as women is far sexier than showing it all off and creates an aura of mystery and elegance around us.

This season, modest ready-to-wear brand Sara Elemary takes daring to a whole new level with her FW’22 collection, A Ride To Individuality. Individuality is a sense of distinction and singularity that designer Sara Elemary is passionate about encouraging other women to feel in her clothing. The designer believes that individuality radiates a sense of power, which she brazenly manifested in her new collection. Inspired by Elemary’s journey of finding self-expression and the quest that requires determination and confidence, Sara Elemary’s FW’22 pieces are distinctively striking and eye catching.

Sara Elemary is an Egyptian ready-to-wear modest brand that offers timeless modern garments for the contemporary women, tailored from top-quality fabrics. Founded in 2009 by designer, Sara Elemary, the brand has been offering edgy and authentic pieces for the bold and powerful women since its inception.

The Egyptian-Canadian Elemary is a modest womenswear fashion designer. Having graduated with a degree in Business Marketing, Elemary combined her knowledge of business with her passion for fashion, creating Sara Elemary, a modest, ready-to-wear brand. Having had most of her life decisions determined by various external pressures, Sara Elemary developed a deep sense of empowerment and persistence every woman needs to acquire to create her own destiny and hop on a journey of individuality and self-love. Understanding the regional demand for a fashionable, modest wear brand Elemary creates statement pieces that combine aspects of comfort, boldness and power, thus ensuring that every woman who wears Sara Elemary’s pieces exudes elegance and confidence.

Reflecting Sara Elemary’s personality, the editorial captures the adventurous and cheerful theme of an amusement park. The setting is in spectacular harmony with the collection and its lively essence of unleashing one’s free spirit. The night shots with solo go-karts, fun merry-go-rounds and flaring background lights exude power, fun, and life. With statement clothing, pink cotton candy, and playful carousels, Sara Elemary’s, A Ride To Individuality collection encourages women to be fearless and feel impeccably confident in their own skin.

In this latest collection from the Egyptian brand, red and purples create an unusual evening look, along with fuchsia mixed with royal blue while the days belong to sand tones accented by bright highlighter green and always covered up, yet perfectly sensual.

A Ride To Individuality, embraces all types of women and guarantees that every woman can look casual, yet elegant at the same time. Designer Sara Elemary, redefines modesty in a whole new revitalizing light that makes every woman excited to explore and express her identity more congruently. This rebirth of the notion of functional wear as a widely commendable style is represented in Sara Elemary’s determination to defy all external pressures that impacted her while growing up and pave a new path of self-expression. The collection aligns with the designer’s vision and comprises of pleated pants, patterned jackets, matching sets, oversized leather and tweed outwear, asymmetric cardigans, metallic suits, and more.

For more info on the brand and to find out where to purchase it near you, check out their Instagram account.

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