Egyptian star Sherihan returns to the small screen!

The beloved actress and dancer makes her comeback in full glam, in an ad aired during Ramadan
Egyptian star Sherihan returns to the small screen!

Throughout the 80's, Sherihan was an icon, now dubbed the "Egyptian Lady Gaga" due to her outrageous outfits. She starred in the Ramadan show Fawazeer Ramadan which, as the name indicates involved "riddles of Ramadan" presented in musical form, with awards handed out to the winners.

Then, due first to a car accident, which left her with a spinal chord injury and a subsequent cancer diagnosis, the elegant Sherihan was gone. She did star in a film in 2002 titled El Eshq Wa El Dam (which translates to "Love and Blood") but for the past twenty years, her fans had to do without her unique charisma.

Fast forward to the present day and Sherihan is featured in a Vodafone Egypt ad which has taken social media by storm. Apart from celebrities like actress Bushra talking about how the actress and dancer inspired them with her beauty and talent -- "I wanted to be her when I was younger" Bushra gushed in a recent article -- Sherihan is now making an unprecedented comeback. Lebanese couturier Zuhair Murad designed her stunning dresses and suits and director Ahmed Shaker Khudai tells her life story in the nostalgic four minute ad, which has the feel and look of a classic Hollywood musical.

Later this month, Sherihan is slated to star in an upcoming theater production on Coco Chanel directed by veteran director Hady El Bagoury who directed the 2016 film Hepta: The Last Lecture. The play should be available to air on TV in the Middle East by Eid.

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