Five Ramadan series we are excited to watch in 2023

Superstars like Youssra, Khaled El Nabawy and Nelly Karim are featured in some of our faves, along with a brand new show on OSN that promises to bring us the stars of tomorrow.
Five Ramadan series we are excited to watch in 2023

As Ramadan 2023 is upon us, so are the series that accompany the festive season and bring joy to households all over the Muslim world. This year, there is definitely something for everyone and it was hard to put together a list of just five. So we may have to come back in a couple of weeks and reveal more MIME favorites. But for now, here they are, in no particular order of course.

Stand Up! Ya Arab!

We start with the least "conventional" Ramadan series, which actually sounds like a mix between X Factor and Screen's Arab Stars of Tomorrow. It's on OSN and runs in 30 minutes episodes featuring talent from all over the Arab world. Stand Up! Ya Arab will see participants from as far and wide as the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, and Egypt. And the artwork, featured above, is simply divine.

Only on OSN

Alf Hamdellah Al Salama

The cast of 'Alf Hamdellah Al Salama' with Youssra featured in the middle

What we know so far about this Youssra starrer is that Mahraganat singer Enba will make his acting debut in the upcoming series and it is scripted by Mahmoud Zulfikar, directed by Amr Salah, and produced by El Adl Group.

The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and bonafide superstar also starred in a Ramadan series last season -- Ahlam Saeeda. Hamdellah Ala Al Salama will revolve around a professor, Samiha Gahib El Soweisy, living abroad who returns to her home country to uncover some secrets. The series stars Shaimaa Seif, Mohamed Tharwat, Adam Al Sharkawy and Mayan El Sayed alongside Youssra.

Screening on CBC

Resalet Al Imam

Khaled El Nabawy in 'Resalet Al Imam'

Who doesn't love a period drama starring Khaled El Nabawy as Islamic scholar Al Imam Al Shafi’i! Resalet Al Imam is a 15-episode series written by acclaimed Egyptian writer Mariam Naoum (known for her work on Between Two Seas), and led by Syrian director Laith Hijo.

The series will run on DMC, CBC, Alhayah, Watchit, Mehwar TV

Taghyeer Gaw

Menna Shalaby, right and Sherine, surrounded by the cast of 'Taghyeer Gaw'

Another Ramadan favorite is Menna Shalaby, and she's back in a comedy-drama that delves into the very real issues of mental health. As she takes care of her sick mother, Shalaby is forced to travel to Lebanon to deal with relatives and family issues. Shot between Egypt and Lebanon, Taghyeer Gaw will touch upon the themes of paranoia, drug and alcohol abuse. It is directed by Mariam Abu Ouf, written by Mona El Shimy and features actors Eyad Nassar, Mervat Amin Essam Omar and Aida El Kashef, along with veteran Egyptian actress Sherine, who plays Shalaby's mom.

To screen on MBC Masr, Shahid

Omla Nadra

Nelly Karim and Gamal Soliman in 'Omla Nadra'

Nelly Karim is back in a series that promises to tackle the tricky issue of women’s inheritance in a patriarchal society. Karim plays Nadra, who has to fight for her land following the death of her husband. Omla Nadra is written by Medhat El Adl, directed by Mando El Adl and stars Karim alongside Gamal Soliman, joined in the cast by Joumana Mourad, Farida Seif El Nasr and Kamal Abou Raya.

To screen on CBC

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