How Flare PR, an all-women run agency based in Cairo, is empowering regional brands

Flare PR, an all women run business, is a prime example of how women in the Region are making waves in a competitive industry such as fashion.
How Flare PR, an all-women run agency based in Cairo, is empowering regional brands

Based in Cairo, Egypt, Flare PR is an international fashion and lifestyle PR agency which has singlehandedly been altering success in the industry with their commitment to building up local and regional brands. The all-women run business, founded in 2016 by Italian-Egyptian entrepreneur Ingy Yousri Ismail, has quickly become a driving force in the world of PR for home grown talents.

In a region where being a woman can make success twice as difficult, Ingy established the agency without hesitation, after a fulfilling career working with some globally renowned fashion houses such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Diesel and Aquazzura. She makes sure that the agency focuses on the commitment of empowering and uplifting others, be it the costumers she represents or her own team.

Whether it was knocking on every media’s door, or going over to some shady parts of town to prepare for campaigns and events, or even working to open the doors of Flare PR’s office in Cairo’s upscale neighborhood of Zamalek, the Cairo-based agency has achieved considerable success locally. While also gradually achieving success around the Region at large, over the past six years.

Inspired by women’s prosperity, Ismail’s team is full of driven career-oriented women who work all day-round to make their clients flare -- hence the agency’s name. Their job is to shed light on their clients and make them shine as brightly as possible for their business to flourish. The name came to Ismail one day, as she focused on the fact that her goal is to make her clients “Flare” in this fast-paced, relentless industry.

Flare PR founder Ingy Yousri Ismail

Other than the work environment Ingy has provided, for women seeking to pursue a career in PR, she is dedicated to empowering others and sharing her experience and knowledge in the PR industry. With a passion for nurturing young talent, she actively provides workshops and masterclasses for those who are eager to break into the PR world.

Her collaboration with the Dubai Fashion Institute is an excellent example of her commitment to the cause. Through these workshops, she aims to guide and support entrepreneurs and share her expertise to help put aspiring designers and established brand owners on the right track.

The diligent and dynamic work of the Flare PR team has opened the door to several iconic collaborations, where local and regional brands crossed path with international ones.

This involves the iconic collaboration of the French luxury house Balmain with Egyptian jewelry designer Azza Fahmy, (see header image) as well as with the Egyptian luxury brand Okhtein.

Flare PR has also contributed to some of the most prestigious fashion events in Egypt, including the groundbreaking Naeem Khan catwalk presentation of the Indian-American designer’s fashion show held at Cairo Design District, and the Lebanese designer Rami Kadi’s fashion show, also held in Cairo. Flare PR also helped in putting together the first-ever event held at the Grand Egyptian Museum, where the agency hosted the store opening for the Egyptian luxury rugs brand, Kahhal Looms.

As Flare PR helps brands grow, so do the brand owners, creating a consistent domino effect which will help to fuel the creativity already present in the Region. The agency has worked with numerous brands and helped them expand their reach and grow their businesses within the fashion industry.

Images courtesy of Flare PR, used with permission.

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