'Four Daughters' Cannes review on 'The Film Verdict'

In her most recent work, Tunisian auteur Kaother Ben Hania once again reinvents cinema, her cinema, and esteemed film critic Jay Weissberg reviews her film, her first In Competition in Cannes.
'Four Daughters' Cannes review on 'The Film Verdict'

"A return to non-traditional documentary forms was an excellent move for Kaouther Ben Hania, whose Four Daughters, billed as a “a fictional documentary,” brings the Tunisian director back to her strengths at finding creative ways to explore difficult topics," writes Jay Weissberg in his review on The Film Verdict.

The past two projects by the Tunisian helmer were fiction, Beauty and the Dogs which premiered in Un Certain Regard in Cannes in 2017 and The Man Who Sold His Skin, which premiered in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 at the Venice Film Festival and went on to be nominated for an Academy Award, a groundbreaking first nomination for Tunisia. But she returns to the hybrid non-fiction form which she explored with her first Cannes entry The Challat of Tunis, which screened in the sidebar ACID in 2013. It's a medium she easily tackles and we are not surprised to find great things to say about it in Weissberg's review.

Meanwhile, in Cannes Ben Hania just announced her next project, the film Mimesis, described as an epic love story set in Tunisia. The film is set in two different eras, the 1940s and the 1990s, and is produced by the great Nadim Cheikhrouha at Tanit Films, and co-produced by Lassaad and Rafik Kilani as well as Sarah Chazelle and Etienne Ollagnier, co-owners of Jour2Fête. They will also handle the French distribution for the film. The movie will also received financial support by Région Ile-de-France, the Red Sea Fund and ART. International sales are being handled by The Party Films Sales.

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