Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti is released from prison

Nadereh Hakim Elahi, Alidoosti's mother, announced the release of the prominent actress via a story shared on Instagram.
Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti is released from prison

Taraneh Alidoosti, the famous Iranian actress who has participated in such cinematic gems like Mani Haghighi's Subtraction, as well as Asghar Farhadi's About Elly, Fireworks Wednesday and the Oscar-winning The Salesman, has been released from jail. The TV and cinema personality was first arrested on 17 December, 2022 for the expression of solidarity with the ongoing nationwide protests. 

Civil unrest and protests erupted on September 16th against the government of Iran following the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini. Imposition of Islamic law, a continuing economic crisis, lack of freedom of expression, violation of women's rights, brutality carried out during protests, internet cutoffs, and the killing of Amini were some of the reasons for the start of civil protests.

Her mother, renowned sculptor Nadereh Hakim-Elahi posted the news on an Instagram story.

The acclaimed star's attorney, Zahra Minooei, tweeted as well about the temporary release of Alidoosti, writing, "Today, my client Ms. Taraneh Alidoosti will be released from Evin Prison after posting bail." 

Over 600 artists around the world have signed a petition urging the Islamic Republic to release famous Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti.

Like many other filmmakers and artists, American actor Mark Ruffalo published a post on Instagram Monday calling for her release.

He said up to now more than 600 artists have signed a letter calling for the release of the Iranian actress saying, “We want her to be freed.”

In the online campaign launched under the title "Justice for Taraneh Alidousti", in addition to Mark Ruffalo, dozens of the world's most prominent figures, including Pedro Almodovar, Penelope Cruz, Juliette Binoche, Alfonso Cuaron, Ken Loach Emma Thompson, Jason Momoa, Jeremy Irons, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Ian McKellen and Isabelle Huppert among others.

The actress flanked by supporters and friends, among them filmmaker Mani Haghighi

The arrest of Ms. Alidoosti by Iranian local authorities has faced huge backlash in the last two weeks, especially from various international agencies and institutions such as prestigious film festivals including Cannes, Belinale, and Tribeca, France's La Société des réalisateurs de films, America's the Screen Actors Guild, as well as prominent cinema figures such as Robert De Niro, Jean Rosenthal, Asghar Farhadi, Marion Cotillard, Golshifteh Farahani, Mani Haghighi, Steve McQueen, Rakhshan Bani Etemad, Mark Rylance, Mike Leigh, Ian McKellen, Reza Dormishian, David Hare, Juliet Stevenson etc. condemning this act. In addition, numerous media and mainstream news outlets have been covering the updates on the detainment of this actor for expressing solidarity with nationwide anti-government protests.

Photos courtesy of Taraneh Alidoosti, used with permission.

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