Is a 'Moon Knight' season 2 in the making?

When asked on a TikTok video which just went viral, Oscar Isaac hinted that perhaps...
Is a 'Moon Knight' season 2 in the making?

Mohamed Diab and Oscar Isaac together enjoying a boat ride on the Nile. What could be so strange about that? Nothing actually. But when the Egyptian helmer and the Latino American actor hold the key to whether a second season of Moon Knight is in the making, enquiring minds want to know.

In a cryptic, yet at the same time almost crystal clear message by the actor uttered on a now viral TikTok video, it would seem a second season of the series for Disney+ is in the making. As. We. Speak. Which makes fans and film lovers happy, as well as Egyptians the world over very, very proud.

Diab posted the video by Haya on Facebook, along with the teasing words "Moon Knight season 2? Oscar in Cairo!" And the internet of Marvel fans exploded.

We hope it's true. Inshallah.

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