Jordanian food artist and molecular gastronomist Omar Sartawi presents installation in Dubai

'In a land of no sheep: Metamorphosis of a Nomadic Tent' pays homage to the Arabian tents in a contemporary light using vegan leather made of aubergines, while highlighting the importance of sustainability in art and reducing food waste.
Jordanian food artist and molecular gastronomist Omar Sartawi presents installation in Dubai

Internationally renowned food artist and molecular gastronomist Omar Sartawi has an installation slated to take place in Dubai, coinciding with Dubai Design Days. From 8-12 November 2021 at Fann A Porter, The Workshop Dubai, Sartawi will present In a land of no sheep: Metamorphosis of a Nomadic Tent, an avant-garde, interactive and sustainable installation.

Sartawi is renowned for his conceptual interpretations and thought-provoking breakdown of texture, culture, science, time and methodical innovation that challenge our view of the world. In his latest creation, In a land of no sheep: Metamorphosis of a Nomadic Tent, Sartawi plays on the concepts of sustainability and luxury by using modern techniques inspired from ancient food preserving methods to create a new age vegan material; aubergine leather. If you're asking yourself "what?" right about now, read on.

Aubergine leather was crafted using aubergine skin masterfully aged to produce a material that is rich in texture. This innovative technique produces different colours on the leather that are not always uniform yet come together to create a piece of natural and sustainable art. Sartawi ensures no waste as he ingeniously transforms aubergine pulp leftover from the creative process into an edible treat for visitors to taste, evoking a physical and intellectual dialogue.

With his installation, Sartawi embarks on a new endeavor that takes us back in time in a showcase of heritage, while catapulting us into the future of sustainable living and creation, looking at one of the hallmarks of the Arabian -- the tent.

Fascinated by the concept of Arabian forefathers creating the spaces that would encapsulate their entire lives; provide shelter, warmth, and an arena of hospitality with materials that were at their disposal, trusting them with their children and families for ages.

By creating a hovering yet grounded by a typical peg 2.4 x 1.2m tent, Omar presents two aspects of our being, our future looking selves, and our connection to our roots. Omar’s process carries beyond the exhibition to consider the environmental impact of the tent once the exhibition is over. The tent was designed to be biodegradable and as a food source for wildlife perpetuating the food cycle and redefining the boundaries of sustainable art.

Alongside the installation, visitors will also view The Duck a l’orange, Omar’s limited edition collectible side tables made using orange leather, created in collaboration with architect and furniture designer, Karim Sawalha.

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