'Late Shift', world's first cinematic interactive movie, to open August 5 in UAE and Saudi Arabia

The film will screen at Vox Cinemas, which is part of Dubai retail giant Majid Al Futtaim and the innovation will allow the audience to choose the film's ending, twists and turns.
'Late Shift', world's first cinematic interactive movie, to open August 5 in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Cinematic storytelling takes a new twist as Late Shift, the world’s first truly interactive movie experience, launches in cinemas in just a few days. Developed by CtrlMovie, and using technology of the same name, Late Shift is a brand new, world-first experience that borrows from both film and game worlds, and allows the viewer to literally rewrite film history by choosing the fate of the on-screen protagonist, using an app.

And of course, Saudi and the UAE, always ahead of global cinematic trends, are among the first to showcase the film, which will open on August 5 in Vox Cinemas across the region and is rated PG-13 in the Emirates.

Late Shift is based on a screenplay by first time director Tobias Weber, the founder of Kino Industries, and Michael R.Johnson, author of Guy Ritchie’s 2009 movie, Sherlock Holmes. The film features up-and-coming actors Joe Sowerbutts as Matt, Haruka Abe and Lily Travers, as well as the Swiss actor Joel Basman who starred in The Monuments Men and veteran British actor Richard Durden who has been featured in From Paris with Love, as well as quite a few episodes of all your favourite TV shows.

Late Shift breaks down the boundaries of traditional film making by putting the audience in control of countless adaptable storylines that can lead to one of seven conclusions, with hundreds of decisions to make along the way.

Filmed on location in London, the movie’s lead character is Matt, a student who is left proving his innocence after being forced to take part in a brutal heist at a famous auction house. The consequences of his actions take him on a vicious and sometimes violent journey across the capital, escaping the twisted web the audience has the power to weave. With the audience in charge of his adventures, this promises to be a ride not to be missed.

The film is the creation of Swiss-based start-up company CtrlMovie which creates interactive movies on its own and offers its technology and services to third party filmmakers and content producers. Screening Late Shift in a movie theater requires the installation of the CtrlMovie hardware,which can easily be linked to all commonly used theatrical projection and sound systems. And that's where Vox Cinemas came in.

In a recent article in Arabian Business, Toni El Massih, CCO of VOX Cinemas said they were "incredibly excited to partner with Kino Industries and launch the Middle East’s first interactive movie, which puts the audience in control of countless adaptable storylines," and added that, "redefining the cinematic experience and introducing game-changing concepts that exceed our guests’ expectations has been a cornerstone of our success at VOX Cinemas and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation.'

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Vox Cinemas website.

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