Learn to cook Arabic food with Aseel Arabia

Designed by self-described "Arabist and Chef," Aseel Arabia's delicious cooking courses are available on Udemy just in time to learn some culinary techniques this Ramadan.
Learn to cook Arabic food with Aseel Arabia

From yogurt-based cooking and sweets, to vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and including the most important meal of the day in and out of the Arab world -- breakfast -- the UAE based anonymous cook Aseel Arabia has shared some of her delicious recipes and techniques on learning site Udemy. There are nine courses in total being offered at the moment, each no more than 45 minutes long and at a special, discounted price.

Her bio states that "Chef Aseel has cooked for over 40 years for private clients including royalty, dukes and duchesses. Revered as a specialist in Arab cuisine, she takes her influence from all over the region having lived in the Gulf Arab states, the Levantine Arab states and the African Arab states throughout her lifetime."

The Cooking Arabic food series teaches Arabic style cooking prepared in different Arab nations across the region. These short but efficient lectures are designed to allow the students to prepare meals in a short and concise period of time with basic skills.

When MIME reached out to her for a comment, Chef Aseel replied, "Arabic food brings people together, especially during Ramadan. It is the heart and soul of our culture." There is also no better time to learn how to cook it than now, as the courses are offered in English, complete with easy to follow how-to videos and instructions.

Udemy is an online teaching platform where professional instructors as well as students can connect through their shared interests. To date, they've had more than 49 million learners, 64 thousand instructors and more than 185 thousand courses offered. It was founded by the Turkish Eren Bali along with co-founders Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani and the company now has offices in the U.S., Ireland and Turkey.

For all info and to sign up for one of her courses, check out Aseel Arabia's page on Udemy.

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