Maison Piaget unveils new campaign signed by Parisian agency Cowboys

The new campaign created by the agency Cowboys, unveils the Piaget Society - a new, extravagantly harmonious concept to resonate across an ever-changing global market.
Maison Piaget unveils new campaign signed by Parisian agency Cowboys

The Maison Piaget, with its beautiful jewelry and perfectly crafted watches, is a staple of quality across the Middle East. In the past, the Swiss luxury brand also brought onboard Arab influencers like Leena Ghouti and Dana Malhas to help promote their timepieces, as part of a whole lifestyle feeling.

Now they have teamed up with Paris-based advertising agency Cowboys to bring about a new campaign, just unveiled, to promote the concept of the Piaget Society.

Victoria Soetemondt and Philippine Vuatrin, recently appointed to head the agency’s creative studio, have created a strong, bold and elegant concept to respond to Piaget's desire for renewal.

Directed by Mikael Jansson and Philippe Lacombe, this campaign reveals a true philosophy of life, embodied by a cast of modern and diverse personalities such as models Georgia Palmer and Signe Veiteberg.

Through these images, the Piaget Society also celebrates elevation through unity. Its interplay of perspectives offers a new dynamic, enshrined in a brilliant dialectic, demonstrating how the singularity of each individual nurtures the soul of a community.

Cowboys was founded in July 2017 by Martin Playoust and Nicolas Tzipine. As an independent creative agency, Cowboys supports its clients in their brand strategy, the creation and construction of singular and differentiating identities, powerful enough to be deployed 360°. The agency draws its inspiration and values from the talents that make it up. Complementary, passionate and experienced, it surrounds itself with varied and demanding profiles to meet the demands of an ever evolving market. Eager for new horizons, in its continuous quest for freedom and adventure, Cowboys is constantly on the move, accompanying their clients with passion and creativity. Dedicated to luxury brands, Cowboys explores the whole range of universes, from Jewelry to Beauty, including Spirits, Fashion and Hospitality. The agency also draws its inspiration from arts and culture, beauty and excellence and develops its campaigns on strong strategic foundations. The essence of the agency also lies in its demand for image, which is why Cowboys has been developing its projects a cinematic format for the past two years. Each project is unique, demanding and ambitious as the7th art is iconic. This is about a universal image, and timeless stories.

Soon, the collaboration will bring about something groundbreaking, in the MENA Region, so stay tuned to for updates.

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