MICHELIN Guide makes Istanbul debut

Long absent in the SWANA region, the famed food guide finally arrives in Turkey.
MICHELIN Guide makes Istanbul debut

Michelin announced on Thursday that their famed MICHELIN Guide is coming to Istanbul, with the first restaurant selection to be unveiled on October 11, 2022. Istanbul will therefore become the 38th international destination to have its gastronomic scene brought to the fore by the MICHELIN Guide inspectors.

"The Istanbul restaurant selection will be put together according to the long-standing and universal MICHELIN Guide method, which has been applied by its professional inspectors for nearly a century."

Their press release stated: "A city of more than 15 million inhabitants, with the special characteristic of straddling two continents, Istanbul is an amalgamation of cultures unlike anywhere else on earth. As a front row witness to this strategic location, Istanbul gastronomic scene is rooted in an especially varied culinary tradition, which has steadily been enhanced and fine-tuned over the centuries. Its plant-based recipes – such as the incredible array of dolmas, mezzes and salads – are the standard bearers, with recipes honoring fish and prime cuts of meat, not forgetting the countless desserts, where fresh and dried fruit takes center stage. The Turkish classical repertoire covers a broad spectrum, featuring tremendous variety and culinary techniques."

The SWANA has long been overlooked as a foodie destination but finally the folks at Michelin have understood the worth of the Region and its discerning consumers. It was announced earlier this year that the MICHELIN Guide Dubai would be coming to the UAE in June 2022. And now Istanbul.

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