Modanisa's Kerim Türe with Muslim model Halima Adel unveil empowering new slogan ‘Your World To Wear'

Turkish modest fashion brand Modanisa unveiled its global brand campaign and slogan at a celebratory gathering in the grounds of its Istanbul headquarters on Tuesday, 14 September.
Modanisa's Kerim Türe with Muslim model Halima Adel unveil empowering new slogan ‘Your World To Wear'

At an in person event, also broadcast to a select few members of the press via Zoom, Modanisa's founder and CEO Kerim Türe charted the brand's rise from a start-up business in 2011 to becoming the world’s largest modest fashion online retailer, as well as his vision for future growth. His co-speaker and newly appointed brand ambassador Halima Aden outlined the significance of the new slogan ‘Your World To Wear’, while calling for greater action to combat discrimination against visibly Muslim women.

Modanisa’s new 'Your World to Wear' slogan, which has been translated into different languages including Turkish, Arabic, and Bahasa, will be marketed in a new multi-million dollar international campaign in Turkey, Europe, South East Asia and North America. The e-commerce portal invited top modest fashion influencers and media to the event to see the new branding and learn about the concept behind it.

"We dress as we choose, according to our values and beliefs, and we are stronger for it. That is the power of Your World To Wear!" - Halima Adel
Modanisa CEO Kerim Ture and Halima Aden

“All women want to look and feel good, and to pursue their goals and dreams without compromising their beliefs. That includes us, Muslim women,” stated Aden emphatically during her jntroduction. “Modanisa has empowered so many women –- myself included –- to have the confidence to do something we want to do,” she continued, drawing on a personal anecdote about her career to prove her point: “For me, that burkini from Modanisa allowed me to appear in the Miss Minnesota USA 2016 beauty pageant, which changed my life forever.”

Aden explained that 'Your World To Wear' is based on the modest fashion e-tailer’s decade-long experience of catering to “tens of millions of Muslim women worldwide,” giving the shopping portal vital insights into the needs of this globally diverse fashion-conscious community. “There are no limits to what any of us can do when the clothing options exist: we can play sport, socialise, dress for the office or for special occasions. We dress as we choose, according to our values and beliefs, and we are stronger for it. That is the power of Your World To Wear!”

The Somali-American former model also used the event to highlight the hypocrisy Muslim women face, comparing how Norwegian athletes and German gymnasts were ‘cheered on’ this summer for wanting to cover up, while women wanting to do the same for religious reasons are regarded as “oppressed.” Aden said, “If we truly believe in freedom of religion and of expression, and in gender equality, then these universal principles must be applied, without reservation, to all women. We need to be consistent in speaking out whenever and wherever women’s lives are being restricted, and others’ values are imposed on them, whether it’s in Iran or Afghanistan, or in France and other countries in the European Union.”

Pianist Hicret Nida Bulut plays during Modanisa's fashion event

So much talk has been devoted these days to how Afghani women are being denied their right to dress as they want, with even a hashtag on Twitter "#DoNotTouchMyClothes" which highlights Afghanis traditional colourful clothes as a sort of armor to defeat the dress code imposed by the new Taliban rule. But when the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak, are we in the West as liberal as we think we are? Imposing on a Muslim woman that she remove her headwear, or her burkini, is just as bad as making it a law that all women wear one.

CEO Türe opened the hour-long conference by giving a brief history of Modanisa, which celebrated its tenth birthday in May of this year. The company’s rapid global growth is underpinned by the fact it delivers to 140 countries worldwide, which Türe said makes “Modanisa the fashion e-commerce platform currently serving the widest geography in the world.”

One of the key milestones the Turkish entrepreneur highlighted was that Modanisa employees are now shareholders in the business.

“Last year, we made our employees our partners. The value of the 5 million shares allocated to our employees in 2020 has already exceeded 8 million TL. We aim to increase this value tenfold in the next five years,” stated Türe.He outlined Modanisa’s expansion plans: “In 2020, we took a very important step in Southeast Asia and launched in Malaysia. Southeast Asia has a predominantly Muslim population of about 300 million. Malaysia is among our priorities, as it is one of the most developed economies of that region.” The CEO also said one of Modanisa’s goals is “to become a unicorn by opening up to new markets, and to continue to be the world's best known, and most admired and innovative company in its field.”

Modanisa’s new brand launch brought together 35 of the world’s leading modest fashion influencers, including Ala Hamdan, Rozaa Jo, Sena Sever, Samah Safi, Zeruj, Amal Ben Muhamed, Aybüke Nur Demirci and Jihen Gar. Light entertainment was provided by hijabi pianist and composer Hicret Nida Bulut, who is also an undergraduate studying pharmaceutical science.

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