Mounia Akl's TED Talk is everything you need to watch now

In her December 2021 talk titled "How film captures the space between hope and despair" the Lebanese filmmaker makes sense of the destruction and despair that has been all around her in Beirut in the last few years.
Mounia Akl's TED Talk is everything you need to watch now

Mounia Akl is a poet and a philosopher, who was born to inspire through cinema. While her latest, and first feature film Costa Brava, Lebanon continues to capture hearts around the world since premiering at the Venice Film Festival last September, Akl has been busy writing new stories for film and TV, yet also finds time for varied projects and collaborations. In her usual flair, every single frame in her work is deeply felt by the filmmaker and thus creates a momentous watch for her audience.

In this TED Talk from December 2021, the filmmaker talks about the great pride and utter despair of being Lebanese, hailing from a country at once gorgeous and chaotic. It's heartbreaking but also incredibly inspirational and if things don't work out for the talented filmmaker -- which of course is impossible to believe -- she could always go into motivational speaking.

Move over Tony Robbins, this is self-help for the 21st Century, and for strong women and courageous men everywhere.

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