'Myriam Fares: The Journey' to premiere on Netflix

Co-directed by Fares herself, the 71-minute long documentary is the first on the streaming platform to feature an Arab artist and chronicles the Lebanese singer's family life in lockdown.
'Myriam Fares: The Journey' to premiere on Netflix

Myriam Fares needs no introductions. The Lebanese singer has almost 16 million followers on Instagram, the Arab world adores her because of hit songs like “Ghamarni" and in 2014 Fares added TV star to her resume when she starred in the series Itiham.

The happily married, mother of two (her second child Dave was born in October 2020) has also been no stranger to some controversies. In 2018 for the video of the song "Goumi" ("Get Up") the pop star was seen performing in African-themed costumes, her skin painted in a darker shade and even wearing a neck ring -- calling for Cancel Culture enthusiasts to declare her career over. In 2019 she caused an uproar in Egypt when she casually mentioned to journalists at a junket that her absence from the stage there was due to her increase in booking fees. “I will be honest with you; I’ve grown over the years and so did the pay and my demands, so it became a bit heavy on Egypt," Fares is quoted as saying.

From eccentric fashion icon, to inspiration for girls everywhere ill at ease with their own curtly, unmanageable hair, Fares is still around. Her songs remain popular across generations and her concerts -- when we will all be allowed to attend them again -- still selling out, we can almost guarantee it. And with this upcoming Netflix documentary, the superstar cements her position as one never afraid to ruffle a few feathers while making social media light up with all the buzz surrounding her.

Myriam Fares: The Journey is described as follows in the film's synopsis: “From pregnancy to album preparations, Lebanese singer and “Queen of the Stage” Myriam Fares documents her experiences with her family while in lockdown.” The documentary premieres on the 3rd of June on Netflix MENA.

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