Nawaf Al Janahi’s 'Before We Forget' to open in Gulf cinemas on October 21st

The highly anticipated new film by the Emirati-Egyptian filmmaker will hit cinemas in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman.
Nawaf Al Janahi’s 'Before We Forget' to open in Gulf cinemas on October 21st

Nawaf Al Janahi’s new film Before We Forget opens in cinemas across the Arabian Gulf from 21 October 2021, to be discovered by audiences in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman.

Al Janahi is a prominent actor and film director who was born in Abu Dhabi, of an Egyptian mother and Emirati father. After studying cinema arts in California, he returned to the UAE and began making movies. His first feature The Circle toured the festival circuit and critics said it was "a major turning point in Emirati and Gulf cinema." His second feature Sea Shadow world premiered at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2011 and moved on to become an audience favourite. Al Janahi's style blends poignant storylines from the Region with a poetic, artistic eye and a talent for extraordinary casting.

Produced by Fadi Ismail's DKL Studio, the film is about a man suffering from a bad case of hard luck. Strangled by debt, he takes the son he struggles to support and his father, who suffers from memory loss, on a road trip to find a buried treasure that could end up solving all their problems.

The main roles are played by Meshal Al Mutairi, Ibrahim Al Hasawi and Ghazi Hamad. The crew includes cinematographer Tarek Hefny, production designer Martin Sullivan, editor Ali Salloum, and composer Taha Alajmi.

While the film is in Arabic, English speaking audiences will find it subtitled as well in the theatrical release.

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