Netflix launches ‘Palestinian Stories’ collection with 32 award-winning films

The collection, which includes favourites from Annemarie Jacir, Mai Masri, and Oscar nominated filmmakers Basil Khalil and Farah Nabulsi, is curated by the Front Row Filmed Entertainment team and launched on 14 October.
Netflix launches ‘Palestinian Stories’ collection with 32 award-winning films

On October 14th, Netflix is launching the "Palestinian Stories" collection, showcasing films from some of the Arab world’s finest filmmakers. Available for members around the world, the collection includes a lineup of award-winning films by Palestinian filmmakers or about Palestinian Stories. The collection is set to launch with 32 films with more to be added over the next few weeks.

Featuring the works of prolific and critically-acclaimed directors like Annemarie Jacir, Mai Masri, Mahdi Fleifel, Susan Youssef, May Odeh, Farah Nabulsi and many more, the collection is a tribute to the creativity and passion of the Arab film industry as Netflix continues to invest in stories from the Arab world.

May Odeh, Director of The Crossing said“I’m glad to finally have alternative Palestinian films accessible to wide audiences through Netflix. We all in the Palestinian film industry have been eager to share our narrative with the world through our authentic creative productions as an alternative to news reporting. I can’t thank the team at Netflix and Front Row enough for the effort to make this happen.”

Spanning multiple genres and styles, the collection will showcase the depth and diversity of the Palestinian experience, exploring people’s lives, dreams, families, friendships, and love.

Nuha El Tayeb, Director, Content Acquisitions, MENAT at Netflix said: “The diversification of our content sits close to my heart as Netflix works to become the home of Arabic Cinema, a place where anyone in the world can access great Arab stories. We believe that great stories travel beyond their place of origin, are told in different languages and enjoyed by people from all walks of life and, with the Palestinian Stories collection, we hope to amplify these beautiful stories to a global audience. While these stories are distinctly and authentically Arab, the themes are quintessentially human, and will resonate with audiences across the world. That is the true beauty of storytelling.”

Films include works by veteran filmmakers like Omar by Hany Abu Assad, Divine Intervention and Chronicle of a Disappearance by Elia Suleiman, beloved Palestinian auteur Annemarie Jacir's Salt of This Sea and When I Saw You, as well as newer voices to be reckoned with, like Basil Khalil, whose Cannes winning short Ave Maria went to the Oscars in 2016.

Khalil admitted: "It's very encouraging to see our films get a new lease on life, where they can reach a new audience or get rewatched by fans. Most importantly, it is about sharing a diverse selection of Palestinian stories that go beyond the broad brushstrokes we tend to be painted as in the media."

To access the films, sign into your Netflix account and search for "Palestinian Stories".

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