Oualid Mouaness' '1982' wins the Grand Prix Cannes Écrans Juniors

Cannes Ecrans Juniors screens a selection of international feature films that are of particular interest to young people because they develop themes or stage universes likely to confront them with the world and other cultures -- while allowing them to discover cinematic art.
Oualid Mouaness' '1982' wins the Grand Prix Cannes Écrans Juniors

"High school students have awarded the Grand Prix du Lycee to the beautiful film 1982 by Oualid Mouaness!" So Alexandre Thibault broke the news on Instagram about Mouaness walking away with the top prize at the youth festival in Cannes.

"Cannes Juniors Screens" is programmed by Pierre de Gardebosc, Gérard Camy and Aurélie Ferrier. Together they strive each year to present films that arouse reflection and discussion in a school setting.

This year, Thibault, a well loved and respected French actor was one of the jury members of the Cannes film meetings and his announcement on IG betrayed his excitement about this moving film by the Lebanese filmmaker.

1982 is currently in French and German cinemas and will soon be released in some other territories. Stay tuned to for all the info.

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