Cairo-based designer Shewekar Unveils Nubian inspired Capsule Collection

Award winning designer Shewekar unveiled her latest capsule furniture collection, inspired by the enchanting land of Nubia.
Cairo-based designer Shewekar Unveils Nubian inspired Capsule Collection

As Sudan is more and more in our hearts, both in Cannes with their film first in Competition and because of the war raging on, award winning designer Shewekar unveils a collection inspired by the land of Nubia.

Nestled along the banks of the majestic Nile River in Egypt, Nubia possesses a sort of mythical combination of timeless charm, ancient history, and vibrant culture. The collection by the Cairo-based designer beautifully translates the essence of Nubia into exquisite furniture pieces that reflect its vibrant colors, rich traditions, and warm-hearted people. From the intricate patterns reminiscent of Nubian architecture to the vibrant hues mirroring its colorful customs, each piece in the collection becomes a statement of refined craftsmanship and cultural heritage. Step into the world of Nubia and transform your living space with the captivating charm of this extraordinary region.

Among the standout pieces in the Nubia collection are the Nubian Dolls. This family of stools and side tables captures the whimsical and quirky nature found in Nubian fables and folklore. With endless possibilities for customization and mix-and-match combinations, these pieces offer both practicality and playful aesthetics.

At the heart of the collection, the Nubia Sofa and Armchair evoke the inviting seating options found in Nubian households. The backrests of these pieces mirror the arch-like curves of Nubian houses, while the customizable upholstery allows for a personalized touch, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Adding a touch of grandeur and spirituality is the Temple Armchair, regarded as the spiritual Godfather of the Nubia Collection. Hand-carved from massive oak, each chair is a unique piece of art that pays homage to the majestic temples of Upper Egypt, taking you on a spiritual journey through ancient and modern times.

Drawing inspiration from the majestic Nubian Ibex, the Ibex Chair (Shiitake) features bold design elements. The chair's backrest curves resemble the Ibex's magnificent horns, symbolizing resilience and strength, while the overlayed chair legs add a touch of robustness and elegance. Adding a touch of fantasy and elegance is the Tanoura Table (Mushroom stool). This cascading accent table takes inspiration from the Tanoura costume and dance of Upper Egypt, with its multilayered weighted skirt-like design. The Tanoura Table adds a delightful sense of movement and beauty to any space and can be customized to suit your preferred color palette.

Shewekar's  latest collection invites you to embrace the whimsical world of Nubia and infuse your surroundings with its delightful charm. Each piece is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a deep respect for Nubian culture.

Shewekar is an award-winning interior and furniture design studio. Eclectic, multi-layered and passionate, the studio’s design aesthetic is to combine styles, eras and design philosophies to create timeless, unique spaces and pieces. Over the past 20 years the team has grown to 25 creative and detail-oriented designers and architects, with commercial and residential projects across Egypt, the Middle East and Europe. Among her prizes, she secured the International Design & Architecture Awards in London in 2022 and an honorary award at Cairo Design Awards in 2021. She designed the Beano's café inside the Grand Egyptian Museum.

For more info and to visit the Shewekar gallery, check out their website.

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