Sir Lewis Hamilton to take the stage as the first of Valentino menswear DI.VAs

The seven-time Formula One world champion will take the stage as the first Valentino menswear DI.VAs for the Valentino Pink PP Advertising Campaign.
Sir Lewis Hamilton to take the stage as the first of Valentino menswear DI.VAs

DI.fferent VA.lues = DIVAS. The contemporary Valentino DI.VAs is a multifaceted character of codes and inner values. And fashion, as sports, is a great unifier.

Valentino’s Creative Director, Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his conscious and progressive way of approaching culture by creating an authentic relationship with DI.VAs, becoming a real cultural comeback. From cinema, music, literature to sports, each DI.VAs plays a key role in sustaining the new vision gaining diversity by uniting together. Different faces that share a common thread of a very modern mantra of empathy and connection.

The first of these DI.VAs will be Sir Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One champion and all around fashion icon. Hamilton connects to the values of Pierpaolo Piccioli with his authenticity, individuality, and fierce advocacy work for global equality. And vice versa. Considered one of the most successful drivers in Formula One, Hamilton’s approach off the track is just as passionate and dedicated, having committed to using his position, platform and influence to drive change in motorsport and beyond, for future generations.

In 2021, Lewis launched his own charitable foundation Mission 44, which aims to support, champion, and empower young people from underrepresented groups in the UK, through strategic partnerships, collaborations, grant giving and advocacy.

About his Valentino collaboration, Hamilton said: “Great things happen when we embrace our authentic selves, but even greater things happen when we come together to exchange our visions, values, and creativity. I am honoured to be joining forces with creative director and friend, Pierpaolo and Valentino, a brand I’ve long admired, to celebrate the Pink PP Collection. I always strive to collaborate with likeminded teams who are committed to making the world a better place, regardless of the barriers that stand in our way. So, to come together and collaborate with Valentino on this powerful campaign is really special.”

Piccioli added: "In his short Instagram bio, Lewis writes “Equal rights for all. Love is all”. Few words that say a lot. Lewis is an interpreter; he is able to use his energy to express his authentic and precious self. The talent he spreads with his whole persona goes far beyond his sportive excellence and embraces everything that he does. Lewis believes in what he does and shows it with effortless intensity. I have seen him committing himself to social causes with great independency, I have seen him wearing a pink total look and making it personal, I have seen him smile and chat with people in a very laid-back way. By doing anything that pleases him, he pleases us. As a DI.VAs testimonial, he stands for diversity, equality and most of all, love. I couldn’t think of a better friend for this campaign. It will give an empathetic, human, inspiring message and it will be true, like the person behind the celebrity."

In the words of the Maison: "The identity of Valentino today, materializes with a clear and incisive sign, made up of a broad community of different individuals. It is individual yet plural. It has no borders and no boundaries and lives in the here and now. An identity that reflects in a new generation."

Through an evolving collaboration, the Maison promises to build meaning in the places where it matters most, helping foster community and pushing past the bounds of a traditional campaign. In line with Valentino’s appreciation for the written word, Hamilton will also work on 'Valentino the Narratives', the industry’s first ever text-only campaign that invites renowned international authors and individuals to lend their voices to create individual and impactful campaign layouts. Launching this Autumn, Hamilton will lend a personal quote to this initiative on the theme of ‘Love,’ which will be displayed in select windows of independent bookstores within London, marking the first time the campaign has entered the UK.

For those who live in the English capital, this promises to be a fashion campaign like no other!

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