Steve Harvey wants you to MELT with celebrities

MELT Middle East is a company the US comedian is launching while in the UAE this week, and will feature celebrity events as well as consulting.
Steve Harvey wants you to MELT with celebrities

A star studded gala and a celebrity golf tournament are all part of the launch in the UAE of MELT Middle East, a new venture by US comedian and host Steve Harvey.

Back in May when it was announced, Harvey said in a statement: “When I visited the UAE in 2020, I instantly knew I wanted to create a venture that would highlight the talent, culture and many business opportunities that the Middle East has to offer. Through my many strong personal relationships in media and business, MELT Middle East aims to bridge the gap between Western and Middle East culture, while simultaneously creating engaging content and activations that will in turn generate a new and innovative revenue stream.”

Among those scheduled to walk the red carpet at Jumeirah Towers on Monday for the gala include Rush Hour star Chris Tucker, RnB singer and entrepreneur Akon and actor Anthony Anderson from the Emmy Award-winning sitcom black-ish.

The company is co-founded with Oweis Zahran, an entrepreneur and chief executive of investment company OWS Capital in Dubai. Their goal? To change the perception of the Region with celebrity events and through cultural exchanges. We are on board with that, here at MIME.

The visit by the US host is timed to coincide with next week's 50th anniversary of the formation of the UAE, which he calls "an achievement that needs to be celebrated and studied," in a recent interview with The National's Saeed Saeed.

Also noted in the article is the fact that "over the past decade, [Harvey] has visited all seven emirates as part of the 2020 UAE tourism online campaign When Steve Meets East, went to the 2018 Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix and was a speaker at the Sharjah International Book Fair in 2019, to name a few."

Melt is an acronym for Merging, Empowerment, Leadership and Technology.

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