Streaming company Anghami launches entertainment venues in London, LA, Dubai and more

Ahead of its listing on the NASDAQ via a proposed merger with a SPAC called Vistas Media Acquisition Company, Anghami has announced plans to roll out a new hybrid entertainment venue called the Anghami Lab in Dubai, plus Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Beirut and other global cities such as London, New York and Los Angeles.
Streaming company Anghami launches entertainment venues in London, LA, Dubai and more

It was obvious from the beginning that Anghami was going to find a way to set itself apart from the rest of the competition, which includes streaming giant Spotify. Founded by Lebanese entrepreneurs Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib in 2011, Anghami established the first legal music streaming company in the region with a music catalogue that includes prominent Arabic record labels like Melody, Mazzika and Platinum.

When the company will go public in the next couple of weeks, Anghami is set to become the first Arab technology company to be listed in the US. The Beirut-headquartered company already has some 70 million users across MENA and features both Western and Arabic hits. Anghami Labs is the first major venture after the announcement of a merger with Vistas Media via SPAC. The local digital platform will list on the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York within the next few weeks.

Under the deal, Anghami will merge with publicly listed Vistas Media Acquisition Company Inc. The deal includes a $30 million commitment from Dubai-based Shuaa Capital and $10 million from the parent of the SPAC.

Along with the public offering, the streaming company is also getting into production with the launch of Anghami Labs -- a joint venture with Addmind, a hospitality-focused business. The first Anghami Lab will launch in the heart of Dubai, with locations in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Beirut, Doha, London, New York, and Los Angeles positioned thereafter.

The site has been pitched to regional affordability levels at $4.99 a month and its distribution strategy is focused on working with tele-communication networks, unlike that of rival Spotify.

A press release by Anghami pointed out that its Lab concept will be “the first to combine both online and offline worlds, bridging digital and traditional entertainment”.

According to the company spokesperson, the venue will feature a Lounge, Stage and Studio where artists can experiment “by co-creating music inspired by both Arabic and international cultures to be performed in the venue”. The resulting music will be made available exclusively on Anghami and the company says that its app will also provide unique features complementing both experiences.

In addition, the cuisine served at Anghami Lab, according to the company, will be “a fusion of Arabic and International recipes, embodying the essence of Anghami and providing an international taste with an Arabic flavor”.

Eddy Maroun, co-founder and CEO of Anghami, commented: “We are excited to partner with Addmind to create this unique, transformational experience for our users."

Tony Habre, CEO of Addmind said: “Anghami Lab is an amazing and unique concept that embodies our rich Arab culture with an international twist – which we are thrilled to bring to fruition and scale.”

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