The Golden Globes® announce new international voting members for 81st awards

Golden Globes voting body now totals 310 voters and reflects 58% diversity, with MIME's own E. Nina Rothe joining the latest recruits.
The Golden Globes® announce new international voting members for 81st awards

The Golden Globes® announced a heavily expanded voting body for the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards with the addition of 215 international voters -- this year's additions of another 128 journalists joining those already recruited last year. Combined with the current 95 members, there are now a total of 310 voters, surpassing a pledge to increase the size and diversity of the voting body.

In fact, the new breakdown is 25% Latinx, 14% Asian, 10% Black, 9% Middle Eastern and 42% White. At least 17% of the voting body self-identifies as LGBTQIA+. With the addition of the new voters, The Golden Globes now represent journalists from 76 countries around the world. The HFPA publicly committed to significantly expanding the voting base for the Globes after being called out for a lack of diversity among its membership base and for its internal practices.

“We have exceeded our goal of reaching 300 voters for the upcoming 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards thanks to an extensive global recruitment effort,” said Helen Hoehne, President of the HFPA. “We are excited at the unprecedented achievement in building a truly global voting body where 58% self-identify as ethnically diverse.”

At the awards event this past January, the voting body of the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards consisted of 200 voters with 52% self-identifying as ethnically diverse. For the upcoming 81st, an increase in diversity is also accompanied by an increase in the number of new countries represented. The voting body now represents a total of 76 countries, including international voters from newly added countries such as Cameroon, Costa Rica,Cuba, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Serbia and Tanzania.

“The efforts put forth to identify, engage, and actively recruit diverse voters is strong evidence of the commitment by the Golden Globes to follow through on its promises to expand and reshape itself,” saidNeil Phillips, HFPA Chief Diversity Officer. “It shows that with the right leadership, effective community partnerships and an unwavering focus, we can achieve remarkable and transformational diversity growth.”

The criteria for international voters include residing outside of the U.S. and possessing verified entertainment journalistic clippings for international media outlets including print, broadcast, radio, photography and online. These applications were reviewed and qualified by the Credentials Committee, which is composed of a majority of outside independent journalism and entertainment industry professionals.

Among the new, and returning voting members is also MIME's own E. Nina Rothe, as well as film journalist and Red Sea international programmer Kaleem Aftab, Egyptian-Italian actor and TV personality Livio Beshir, Indian author and cinema journalist Anupama Chopra, Egyptian movie critic Rasha Hosny, Israeli journalist Amir Kaminer, Serbian film critic Dubravka Lakić, French film programmer and International Cinephile Society president Cédric Succivalli, along with Netherlands based critic Marc van de Klashorst, Enigma Magazine CEO Yasmine Shihata and Mohamed Sayed AbdelRehim, an Egyptian critic and film programmer.

The 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards will take place on Sunday, January 7, 2024.

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