The Official Trailer for 'It Ain't Where You From' is here

Philip Jamal Rachid's 'It Ain't Where You From', a film about hip hop culture in the Middle East, is coming to a screen near you in 2022, but you can already watch the trailer.
The Official Trailer for 'It Ain't Where You From' is here

What do you do when you grow up without a family or a homeland, with a different vibe and a different tribe? You have to create your own path. This is the story of It Ain't Where You From, the fantastic new film by Philip J. Rachid, whom we interviewed for MIME just a while ago.

Dubai based filmmaker, poet, producer and activist Rachid (aka Soultrotter) has assembled the key talents of the burgeoning, young Gulf Hip Hop scene in a first-time collaboration with some of its primary figures.

Dance, music, spoken word, graphics and street art collide in this powerful film portrait of a thriving scene. Shot both in outdoor and studio locations, imbued with saturated colours, stylish fashion and backed by a pulsating soundtrack, It Ain't Where You From captures the melting pot of Gulf cities.  

Each artist has a personal history, each is struggling to find their way. We get to know what it takes to follow their passions and how Hip Hop gives voice to a third culture generation.

Enjoy the first official trailer for the film, which is part of The Main Circle Project, commissioned by NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center and Shubbak Festival in London, with the support of the AFAC fund.

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