What We Like: Yasmine Sabri in 'Harper's Bazaar Arabia'

Yasmine Sabri on self-discovery, achieving balance and inside-out beauty
What We Like: Yasmine Sabri in 'Harper's Bazaar Arabia'

Arabian Harper's Bazaar writer Olivia Phillips talks with Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri about the ups and downs of her life and how her experiences are helping her moving forward.

In the article she says:" I had a not very good experience with work,” she explains matter-of-factly, in a tone that immediately says she’s not looking for sympathy in telling us this. “I started to believe the words that people were writing about me; that I was just a pretty face, that I was just lucky and that I didn’t have any art in me. Subconsciously, I told myself [it was true]. So when I did my TV series two years ago, I wasn’t concentrating, I wasn’t paying attention to anything… I was like, ‘it doesn’t matter, they’re going to watch me anyway.’ So I didn’t really put any art into what I was doing. I didn’t really focus.”

Olivia Phillips adds:"It’s an incredibly self-aware and rather confronting thing to realise, and an even braver one to admit. But rather than let it carry on and define her, she did what so many of us wish we could: she turned it into a positive, using it as a springboard for growth."

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