What We Like: Palestinian designer Shukri Lawrence in 'Vogue'

Shukri Lawrence, co-creator of the Palestinian label Trashy Clothing, has been a growing force in the Middle Eastern fashion world since 2017 along with his co-designer, Omar Braika.
What We Like: Palestinian designer Shukri Lawrence in 'Vogue'

A self-professed Fashion Television consumer, Palestinian designer Shukri Lawrence is featured on Vogue's project Youthquake, which features Gen Z creators who "are pushing the conversation forward in ways both awe-inspiring and audacious," as the publication states.

Along with his co-designer Omar Braika, they helm Trashy Clothing, which according to their website "is a queer ready-to-wear Palestinian fashion label that emerged with a hybrid mixture of political satire, sexiness, kitsch culture, and wit."

Fashion as a means to reclaim Arab identity, while pushing the envelope? Sign us up please!

According to Vogue: "Trashy Clothing’s latest collection, a celebration of politics and pop culture titled “Errrvision,” ties together Palestinian protestors and international competitions such as Miss Universe and Eurovision."

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