What We Like: the 'Dune' review on THR

Chief film critic David Rooney explains what works and what doesn't in the Denis Villeneuve big screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi classic novel, long deemed unfilmable.
What We Like: the 'Dune' review on THR

When we find something we love, we are always eager to share it here on MIME. And film critic David Rooney perfectly put down in writing what we felt, walking out of the world premiere of Dune in Venice. For us it was a myriad of thoughts, disjointed and out of sequence, that pointed to our confusion and inability to keep up with the plot. Despite its undeniable star appeal, stunning visuals and very Arab-world centric themes, the final product seems more like a very long introduction of great things to come... Like a two-and-a-half hour trailer, in fact.

Yet Rooney managed to turn all that, and more, into something wonderful to read -- which we probably enjoyed more than film itself.

Read the full review on The Hollywood Reporter.

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