What We Like: A.O. Scott's review of ‘No Time to Die’

The 'NY Times' critic gives his opinion on the 25th installment in the Bond franchise, which happens to also be Daniel Craig’s last film as 007.
What We Like: A.O. Scott's review of ‘No Time to Die’

There are few film critics who mix humour with an absolute knowledge of cinema as well as A.O. Scott does. He's a favourite of ours at MIME and when looking for a cool review of the latest Bond film, we knew his take would reflect our taste the best.

In the 25th installment, and after 15 years of Daniel Craig, our hero -- Bond, James Bond -- is now a bit tired and gloomy. We, the audience, have waited for this film for a good 18 months, as the pandemic delayed its release. Was the wait worth waiting for? Well, you'll have to read Scott's review on the NY Times to know the answer.

But we will give away that the film critic grew up in the era of Roger Moore as 007, a time with little gravity and much womanizing, and that he finds the film's hefty 163 minutes a bit too much.

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